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What is on the skills assessment test ?

Skills assessment tests measure and evaluate the skills needed to successfully perform a job and, as such, focus on measuring technical and soft skills.

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How do you assess skills ?

When assessing whether a candidate or employee has the necessary skills to effectively perform their job and employer should assess both technical and soft skills through simulations, real-life examples, and online testing tools. The employer should also focus on testing job-specific skills in order to get a reliable idea of the candidate's ability.

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What are employers looking for in assessment tests ?

Employers use assessment tests to look for a candidate who will be the best possible match for the company's hiring specifications.

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Test for the Trade:  AC Technician
Test Type :  General
Nos. Of Questions :  1
Time (mins.) :  10
Qualify Marks :  50
Fee (inr) :  200

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